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Hi there! I'm Cristina Rijskamp, a Brazilian photographer living in Finland since 2007.  Passionate about life and photography, I like to bring the colors, the joy, and the emotion of brazilian culture into my images.


My mission is to portray your life with fine art photography.


I’m mainly a natural light photographer who prefers outdoor locations or clients' homes over a studio. My photography is all about you. I believe you are unique. Different. Let’s skip those traditional posed studio portraits ...  let’s have fun and capture who you really are... YOUR LIFE... YOUR STYLE... YOU... in nice artistic pictures.


I truly believe life is beautiful, and it’s made of moments, for example... you have the cutest baby, you’re in love, you’re getting married, your wife is pregnant, it’s your son’s birthday... or you’re simply feeling good about yourself... they are all good reasons to stop for a while and celebrate your life with nice photography. I’m here to help you to create those images you have on your mind, that will really portray the way you look at life. All you have to do is be yourself, and have fun. This way your photos will be “alive” and full of emotions. After all... what would you like to remember? Poses? Or feelings, laughter... Please, check out my info page for more details.

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Tel: +358 408323022


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